A Modern art museum in an active Salt mine

A Modern art museum in an active Salt mine

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Discover the Contemporary Art Museum SottoSale

The unique modern art sculptures museum in a still active 6 million years old salt mine

More than 80 km of tunnels make up the mining site of the Sale Italkali mine in Raffo, a suburb of Petralia Soprana, 100 km far from Palermo.

Formed six million years ago due to a series of rare geological events and the drying up of the Mediterranean Sea, this field of pure rock salt, in the shape of a lying egg, almost a kilometer long, houses MACSS by its concession by the Italkali Company. Museum of Contemporary Art SottoSale, which with its rock salt sculptures represents a unique case of a museum of contemporary art inside an active mine.


Thirty works, the result of 5 biennials (2011-2019) make up the body of works, which unfold along an artistic, natural and geological path that has an incredible value. A suggestion that in about an hour allows us to discover the geological history of Sicily enriched by contemporary artistic testimonies.
The sculptures, made outside the mine, at the end of the biennale are relocated here, where a dry and moisture-free climate preserves them.


It is possible to visit the museum, open only on Saturdays, from 9 to 14, by contacting the SottoSale Association on 366 38 78 751

The visit costs 8 euros, winds along an itinerary of 400 meters in the plain, provides a geological explanation with multimedia material, then a visit to the Museum, with specialized guides that illustrate the works, and archeological elements of ancient salt industry.

The use of comfortable shoes is recommended.

Access to the mine is possible by signing a release form, minors under 12 cannot enter; for them educational workshops are set up with specialized operators.

Since the mine is active and operational, access is strictly subject to security procedures, and visits are governed by management exclusively on authorized days, four per month.


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How to reach us

The MACSS is located in the RAFFO district of Petralia Soprana. It can be reached by bus and car.

First of all reach Bivio Madonnuzza, along the ss 120 of Etna and Madonie, in Petralia Soprana. From this junction, descend along the Via del Salgemma which leads to Raffo, for about 3 km: at a certain point there is a sign ITALKALI: enter and continue for one km, beyond the long bridge. When the road stops, you will find yourself in front of the Italkali gates where the ticket office is set up on Saturday.

NB: we do not recommend the use of satellite navigators and google map to access the mine, as it is not detected.

Logo - Museo Arte Contemporanea SottoSale

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